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Cookie 정책

Cookies are used to provide greater convenience for users and optimize the displayed content, etc., when using this website. Additionally, cookie data may undergo analysis, compilation, and processing, etc., and be publicly released as statistical marketing data.

When using this website, we ask that users agree to the use of cookies by the Company in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you are unable to agree to this, we ask that you please disable cookies in your browser settings or refrain from using this website.
In addition, if you disable the cookies used by the Company, it can potentially affect the behavior of this website. For information on the types of cookies used by the Company on this website, as well as their purposes of use and expiry dates (the length of time the cookie will be stored on your computer), please refer to the table below.

About Cookies

Cookie refers to files and data which are stored on your computer (or smartphone, tablet, or other Internet-connected device) when you access this website. Cookies normally contain the name of the website which generated it and its max age (the length of time stored on your device), as well as a numerical value which is a unique randomly generated number.

Purposes of use for cookies

The purpose of the Company’s use of cookies on this website is to improve the usability of the website, as well as to adjust the website and the Company’s products to match users’ interests and needs more closely. Furthermore, using cookies will help to save you time when you access this website again in the future. In addition, using cookies helps the Company to compile anonymous aggregated data to understand how users are using this website, and to improve the structure and content of the website. The Company cannot use cookie data to identify individual users.

How to manage and delete cookies

The majority of Internet browsers are configured by default to accept cookies automatically, but users can change the setting themselves to reject cookies or to display a warning when a cookie is transmitted, etc. There are many methods for managing cookies. For details on adjusting or changing browser settings, please consult your browser’s user manual or help page.

If you disable the cookies used by the Company, it may affect the operation of the site while you are using it, such as becoming unable to access certain parts of the website, or being unable to receive personalized information even if you are able to access the website, etc.

If you display or use this website with another device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you will need to check whether the browsers of each device are compatible with the cookies you selected.