Two-factor Authentication Infrastructure

Architecture realizing high security level

Server side authentication realizing high security level and response

  • Matching of fingerprint feature information and authentication are carried out at the server side.
  • High security level is realized by concentrating the authentication processes
  • Supporting the latest hybrid fingerprint authentication unit and hybrid fingerprint authentication method
  • Realizing improvement of performance with advanced process control

Fingerprint authentication also supports the thin client.

  • Supporting thin client technologies such as Windows RDP, Citrix XenApp, and XenDesktop
  • Robust access security is provided to the virtual clients
  • Possible to execute centralized management and operation under a mixed environment with the fat client

Client cache function supporting mobile users

  • Client cache function of biometric information is implemented to realize local logon of the user separated from the internal network by executing the server authentication when online or client authentication when offline.
  • The client cache function can be turned on/off by the administrator in accordance with the security policy.

High management operability

Fulfilling management function

  • Administrator can collectively manage the user information and fingerprint feature information by using the FA management tool.
  • Application access management can be configured collectively by the ID manager.
  • The function for storing access logs of users is implemented for supporting risk management.

Cooperation with Active Directory

  • Realizing affinity with Active Directory to be the core of enterprise information systems
  • It is possible to replace the ID/password logon in the ordinary Windows network with fingerprint authentication.

Scalability supporting large-scale operation

Scalability realizing security environment of enterprises

  • A scalable system configuration can be provided with the multilayer structure of the FA server of the application layer and the data management layer.

Support to the wide load balancing solution

  • FA Server is capable of the wide load balancing such as DNS round robin by using a load distribution device such as the load balancer.
  • FA Database Server is possible to apply the redundant configuration function such as the failover clustering provided by RDBMS.

Support to the application logon

The ID manager capable of easily setting fingerprint authentication for application logon is implemented as the standard configuration.

  • It is possible to apply fingerprint authentication to the application logon with a simple operation of dragging and dropping from the ID management tool.
  • Applications launched on the virtual desktop environment (VMware View, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop) can be logged on with fingerprint authentication.
  • It is possible to improve both usability and security in case of logging on various application such as web applications and Windows applications.

Incorporation of application logon with OCX

  • By using FA SDK (Software Development Kit), it is possible to incorporate fingerprint authentication in various applications such as C/S applications and Web applications.
  • The system supports various applications such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and VBScrip, and is capable of applying fingerprint authentication on the application logon screen previously operated with an ID/password.