• DDS, Inc. 일본 본사

DDS, Inc. 일본 본사

Company name DDS, Inc.
Location DDS bldg. 7F 3-6-41 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0002 Japan
Founded September,1992
Incorporated September,1995
Capital 713 million yen (As of April 26, 2019)
Listed Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers
a settling day December 31
Board of Directors
Chairman and Founder, CEO
Kenji Miyoshino
President and COO
Noriyoshi Kubo
Vice President
Kenichiro Yuki
Shigenori Matsushita
Shintaro Hayashi
Statutory auditor
Kazuyoshi Oshima
Statutory auditor
Toru Muneoka
Statutory auditor
Junpei Yamaguchi
Judicial Adviser Lawyer Noriyuki Suzuki
Patent Adviser Patent attorney Naotaka Ide
Patent attorney Hisashi Yamamoto
Headquarters of DDS, Inc. [Nagoya City]
DDS bldg. 7F 3-6-41 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0002 Japan
Tel: +81-52-955-6600 (Key number)
Tokyo Branch Office of DDS, Inc.
14F Shinagawa East One Tower 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6712-3560
Global Branch Office of DDS,Inc.


Business Profile

Biometrics business

This division pursues the research, development, and sales of information technology-related products such as fingerprint authentication systems for PCs and cell phones using biometric authentication technology.

Fingerprint authentication unit products

  • [UBF-neo] Ideal for desktop PCs. Supports hybrid fingerprint authentication.
  • [UBF-Tri] Ideal for laptops. Supports hybrid fingerprint authentication.
  • [UBF-hello] Dedicated design for Microsoft Surface. It supports hybrid fingerprint authentication and “Windows Hello”.
  • [UBF-micro] A micro USB version designed for 2 in 1 tablets / notebooks. It supports hybrid fingerprint authentication and “Windows Hello”.
  • [UBF-cube] 2 in 1 · Full-size USB version designed for thin notebook PCs and tablet PCs. It supports hybrid fingerprint authentication and “Windows Hello”.
  • [UBF-Pocket] Bluetooth connected fingerprint authentication device designed for small tablet PCs. Available in EVE MA.

Software products

  • [EVE FA] Two-factor Authentication Platform
  • [EVE FA Standalone Edition] Two-factor Authentication Solution
  • [EVE MA] Multifactor Authentication Platform
  • [Themis] Universal Authentication Platform
  • [Matatama Platform] Cloud Identity Authentication Solution
  • [Matatama Service] Cloud Identity Authentication Service
  • [Dokodemo Personal Identification] Solution for online face-to-face personal identification

R&D / Customized development business

The development division has a customized development system covering a wide range of technologies and product fields, from advanced technology development commissioned by businesses, universities, or research institutions or joint research with them, to planning through development of end-user products.