magatama service

Service overview

Merge multiple login data sets into one for a password-free experience.

Magatama Service is a cloud-based service that allows you to merge login data sets for multiple business-use web services into one for a password-free experience.
Preventing the use of single password for multiple services increases convenience and efficiency, and using biometric authentication or one-time password authentication makes the process even more secure.

* PCs (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, etc.): Use a smartphone.
* iOS and Android smartphones: Use the mounted authentication device.

* This video plays sound, and please be aware of your surroundings.

Magatama Service solves issues facing cloud-based service users.

The risk of account hijacking due to the use of single password for multiple services

Issue: The use of single password for multiple services increases the risk of the user’s account being hijacked!

When a user uses a single set of ID and password for multiple cloud-based services, if it leak from one of them, multiple accounts on cloud-based services can be hijacked by a list-based attacker.

Solution: Authentication federation with web services provides a password-free experience.

Magatama Service supports SAML 2.0, which offers secure authentication federation between websites. Authentication of multiple cloud-based services can be merged into the authentication of Magatama Service (biometric authentication or one-time password authentication).

Grasping how cloud-based services are used

Issue: Administrators cannot grasp how users use cloud-based services!

If multiple users are using multiple cloud-based services, administrators cannot grasp which service was used when and by whom.

Solution: Magatama Service visualizes the history of cloud-based service login data, allowing administrators to manage the usage in a centralized manner!

By merging authentication processes of cloud-based services into one, administrators can grasp which cloud-based service was used when and by whom.

The hassle of using and managing multiple accounts on multiple systems

Issue: It is troublesome for users to use different accounts for different services, also for administrators to manage them!

Having to use or manage a separate account for every cloud-based service is troublesome, and it is impossible to manage all of them perfectly.

Solution: Merging multiple authentication processes into one lowers the amount of work and cost needed for administrators to manage them, while making them more convenient for users!

By linking Magatama Service with cloud-based services, account information can be managed in a centralized manner. With Magatama Service, adding a cloud-based service will no longer increase the amount of work and cost facing system administrators, and users will no longer have to log into separate cloud-based services each time.

Easy to implement

Magatama Service is a cloud-based authentication service, not an on-premise system, so you will not need to set up a new server or construct a new system. Also, we prepared a configuration manual for SAML authentication for Office 365 and G Suite users, allowing you to start using it easily.

[ SAML configuration manuals are available online. ]

* Office 365, G Suite, kintone (Cybozu), ChatWork, Cisco Webex, Collaboflow, Optamo, etc., are currently supported, and we are planning to support more cloud-based services. Please contact us for inquiry on linking Magatama Service to other specific cloud-based services.

How cloud-based services perform authentication using Magatama Service

The system administrator will configure cloud-based systems to link to Magatama Service.
Users will sign onto Magatama Service using biometric authentication, etc., when using a cloud-based service. Magatama Service uses FIDO to process sign-ons.
FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) is a set of specifications for using biometric authentication, etc., rather than passwords, to use online services. No authentication information is sent online, which makes this a secure and convenient authentication method.

How authentication works with Magatama Service

Logging into a cloud-based service using FIDO authentication on a smartphone

Using smartphone authentication to log into a cloud-based service on a PC
(federated authentication using a smartphone)

System requirements and service details

System requirements ・ iOS 8.0 or later (iPhone or iPad with Touch ID or Face ID)
・ Android 6.0 or later (A smartphone equipped with a fingerprint authentication sensor)
Network ・ IPv4 Protocol
Number of SAML federation applications ・ Unlimited
* Federation protocol specifications do not guarantee connection to any compliant service.
SAML template ・ We will prepare quotations for requests for template creation and we will respond. (SAML federation with original site and unsupported site)
Support ・ Reception hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays and designated holidays of DDS, Inc.)
・ Format: Email
Supported web services

Office 365, G Suite, kintone, ChatWork, Cisco Webex, INSUITE, Optamo, and Collaboflow
* We are planning to support more cloud-based services. Please contact us for inquiry on linking Magatama Service to other specific cloud-based services.