EVE FA Standalone Edition
Two-factor authentication solution

Easy logon with simple settings

Since the settings can easily be configured with drag-and-drop operation, setting of the application logging-on automatically is very simple. You can set the configuration by dragging and dropping in accordance with the wizard. The configured application will be deleted automatically at the time of staring next time, so that you can log on with a single finger. Of course no complicated server settings are required.

Supporting a wide range of applications

EVE FA Standalone realizes the password less environment on a wide range of logon covering from Windows logon to web applications and CS applications. Since logging on the registered application can be fully automated, a single sign-on environment completed on the desktop can be materialized.

Perfect security with proven fingerprint authentication

Supporting to a highly proven fingerprint authentication algorithm. It supports high dimension authentication method, hybrid fingerprint authentication method, integrating the well-established frequency analysis method with “100% of the user registration rate” and the minutiae method.

Selectable 3 fingerprint authentication unit

It supports the hybrid fingerprint authentication method and the UBF-neo optimum to use on the desktop and UBF-Tri optimum to mobile.