Product information


Our fingerprint authentication hardware supports various type of computers such as desktop PCs, laptop PCs, Surface, and Windows tablet PCs.  Utilizing the hardware with our fingerprint authentication software, higher security level will be accomplished on Single Sign On, 2nd Factor Authentication, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and so on.

Fingerprint authentication device


UBF fingerprint authentication unit

Light weight, compact and durable UBF-neo supports a hybrid fingerprint authentication method utilizes advantages of two types of fingerprint authentication algorithms that achieves 100% registration success rate and high usability. UBF-Tri is specifically designed for mobile use.

Software / Service

A variety of product lineups of EVE software that protects corporate information system from information leakage: "EVE FA two-factor authentication solution" supports IC card and fingerprint authentication, and its standalone version. "EVE MA multi-element authentication platform" supports authentication with fingerprint, vein, IC card, OTP, etc. EVE software also supports various environments such as application logon, virtual desktop support and Single Sign On.

Multifactor authentication solution



Universal authentication

Themis is a universal authentication infrastructure that utilizes IC card authentication, fingerprint authentication, and other various methods including passwords.



Multifactor authentication integrated platform

Comprehensive authentication platform that manages any authentication devices to be used in companies such as various biometric authentication, IC card as well as fingerprint authentication



Two-factor Authentication Infrastructure

Two-factor authentication solution replacing password authentication to IC card and fingerprint authentication


EVE FA Standalone Edition

Two-factor authentication solution

A fingerprint authentication package that can be installed even applicable for small-scale use and does not require a management server

Cloud personal authentication solution


magatama service

magatama enables users to log in to online services with biometric authentication such as fingerprint. Without any dedicated devices, users are no more suffering from passwords. This is a next generation authentication solution that generates business opportunities for service providers.


Dokodemo Personal Identification

Solution for online face-to-face personal identification

Perform face-to-face identity verification procedure online no matter where ther user is.

Software development kit


Finger Authentication Hybrid SDK

Fingerprint authentication library for software developer

This Software Deveelopment Kit enables customers to develop applications in various programming languages easily incorporate with highly sophisticated hybrid fingerprint authentication, which supports Visual C++, Visual C#, and Visual Basic. Some notable adopted examples are "Embossing on Time Management System", "User Authentication of POS System", "User Authentication of Electronic Medical Record System", and still more coming.