Management principle

What is “a good company” in the first place?
Customers, shareholders, and employees each have a different image of what a company should be.

The goal of DDS is to make “a good company” for all our customers, shareholders, and employees.
For customers, it is a company that can stably supply reliable service and products and propose a win-win structure.
For shareholders, it is a company who can continue to grow, making a profit without going into bankruptcy, and achieves a return for shareholders in terms of both income and capital.
For employees, it is a company who has an open environment where each employee can pursue and achieve his/her own “image of a good company”.

In addition, people envision a different image of a company as they go with the flow of the times.

DDS aims to make progress considering that “a true good company” explores and dynamically seeks the “image of a good company” that is not unambiguously defined and is not overly influenced by the times.