COO Greeting

The World Bye-bye Password Company Foresees

DDS, Inc. (DDS) is pleased to announce our appreciation to our customers and our stakeholders.

Biometric authentication technologies are being adopted in various markets these days, and identification in cyber systems and the basic concepts of “security” in the real world have been drastically being revamped as spreading of biometrics embedded smartphones and adopting FIDO (Fast Identity Online) protocol, open standard that accomplishes passwordless authentication. Password has been a mainstream on authentication for a long time, and it has already been on the verge of nervous breakdown. Microsoft and Google’s implementation of FIDO on their products, Apple’s joining FIDO Alliance, and mobile carrier’s starting FIDO services encourage the whole society to migrate from the use of password to biometric authentication. Furthermore, local governments and government offices are more aware of the importance of adoption of biometric authentication technologies since Japanese eID system is enforced. Likewise, many banking facilities and major companies have adopted biometric authentication as the replacement of password to their security to prevent spoofing.

DDS, as the first company joined FIDO Alliance in Japan, advocates “Bye-bye Password Company” in 2014 and has been playing a role to enlighten FIDO to the public to encourage passwordless authentication. Our profound activities lead not only the expansion of FIDO members in Japan such as mobile network carriers, big banks, major internet operators but also the extensive increase of the number of business partners. Since DDS announced “Magatama” Platform, a new FIDO integrated service, in October 2015, certain number of innovative companies have adopted the service. DDS is currently running two distinctive business models with new products and services cooperating with DDS’ partners. One is DDS’ traditional business model, B2B, with “EVE” and “Themis” series, security systems designed for local governments, government offices, and enterprises, and another is DDS’ newly developed business model, B2B2C, which expands to consumers as end users. Therefore, DDS’ business has been developed more solid.

DDS, as “Bye-bye Password Company” that encourages society to migrate from the use of password to biometric authentication, develops biometric authentication technology to the even higher level as indispensable identification method for Fintech and IoT. Then, accompanying with DDS’ partner companies, DDS provides stress-free high security system to end users, and as an ultimate goal, DDS contributes to accomplish safe, secure, and user-friendly passwordless society.

Again, DDS are sincerely grateful to our customers and our stakeholders. DDS expects all of your understanding on DDS’ new business models and business expansion strategies through partnerships, and at the same time, DDS always welcomes any of your feedbacks, thoughts, and suggestions.

Noriyoshi Kubo
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
DDS, Inc.