Chairman’s Greeting

Sustainable Growth DDS and All Taking Advantage of the COVID-19

DDS, Inc. (DDS) is pleased to announce our appreciation to our customers and stakeholders.

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, workstyle has changed due to working from home.
We will contribute to improve setting up a work environment with our biometrics authentication platforms and identification methods. Many businesses are struggling with the pandemic and revisiting their business development plans as well as restructuring their office and business models. We put our effort on expanding market share of our products achieving new business developments to accomplish identification for remote workers, such that we accelerate providing advanced workstyle.
Also, we will improve workstyle to increase work efficiency and to develop a stronger company during fighting against COVID-19 pandemic.

Again, DDS is sincerely grateful to our customers and our stakeholders. DDS expects all of your understanding on DDS’s new business models, and at the same time, DDS always welcomes any of your feedbacks, thoughts, and suggestions.

Kenji Miyoshino
Chairman and Founder, CEO
DDS, Inc.